Gypsy Beach Wedding – Part One

Gypsy Beach Wedding – Part One

We didn’t actually plan on having a wedding. After a year of pregnancy and newborn stuff, we were exhausted enough to be completely uninspired. We’d translated all of our documents, gotten them legalized, and then changed the date we were meant to go to the register’s office three times because we were too busy to sign the papers.

Thankfully, our friends saved us.

Three days before our final “wedding” date, Sophia asked if we didn’t want to at least do something to celebrate. A little party? A bonfire on the beach, perhaps?

Sure, why not.

The girls whipped into action, rounding up mason jars, old pallets and heaps of blankets. DG brought our surfboards and Noa’s old wrap carrier became the top to our wedding arch. Brisa got a bow tie fashioned from a ripped up sheet; I borrowed a beautiful white top another friend had designed in Vietnam. There was beetroot hummus, guacamole, bubbly, beer and wine. Noa and DG had matching op-shop white shirts, and Noa’s Moses basket got a new coat of white paint.

We arrived at 4pm, just in time to meet the wedding officiator sent down from the registers office, adorably awkward in his ill-fitting suit and old shoes.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. The wind never picked up and the sky was a deep blue. We said our vows, signed the papers and set up for what turned into an incredible party. Friends brought more wine, the sky faded into pink and Tom “Mogli” Baker lit a bonfire just as the stars started to show their faces.

DG and I juggled Noa, three languages and an incredibly sandy and wet dog – with nothing but huge smiles. It’s just like we’ll be doing for many years to come, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

[ snap shots by Tom Baker, Sophia Christie and Kate Davidson – professional photos in part II coming soon ]