Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Children

Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Children

You really wish for a wonderful, memorable trip with your little baby. The following experiences will give you more tips to make the trip easier and more enjoyable.

Choose the right destination

Young children, especially children under 2 years old, should not move too much in a short period of time. Therefore, parents with children at this age should temporarily suspend trips to visit many places or trips with elements of discovery, exploration, climbing or caving …
Instead, go to resorts or high-end tour programs, with lots of baby play spaces, swimming pools, and care by professional guides. Being exposed to nature and sea air is also very good for your baby’s health.
Plan to travel early to get more deals and prepare your luggage more thoroughly.
Once a suitable destination has been selected, in addition to a reservation, parents should inform the hotel that they will be traveling with children. So on the side of the hotel, there will be the best preparation for your family: such as arranging cribs in the room, preparing dining chairs, or special offers for children – if any.

Choose a means of transportation

For transportation, if you are flying, you should also choose your seat in front (if you buy tickets online) or announce it at the counter when checking in at the airport. A small note is that parents remember to bring birth certificates for their children while on the plane, otherwise it will be extremely troublesome, may not be able to board the plane. If traveling by train or car, make sure the baby has enough room to lie down and plenty of space to breathe.
Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Children

Select and organize utensils

First, pay attention to children’s clothing. When traveling in the summer, babies will sweat a lot, so parents should choose cool, sweat-absorbing clothes. Also prepare some long clothes in case it gets windy at night or in air-conditioned areas.
Hats, glasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, insect biting cream … for children are also indispensable items. In addition, more careful, parents should also bring some fever-reducing medicine or plaster, anti-diarrhea medicine, and a bandage for your child.
Travel trolleys are also a very essential item when letting your baby go away. Opt for a compact, foldable stroller to avoid storage space.
You need to organize your baby’s luggage separately because your baby has a lot of stuff. In addition to checked baggage, you need to split a small bag to carry essential things that your baby may need at any time during the trip such as snacks, milk, drinking water, tissues, clothes to change and hygiene if your baby is vomiting food or wetting, peeing …
One thing to remember is that you need to bring your baby’s blanket and pillow daily. When sleeping in a hotel, this will be a very useful item to make your baby stay in a good mood.
Also remember to bring the toy that your baby likes the most, this will make your baby feel more secure when crying or nagging.

Check the weather

If you are traveling with your child, you will need to check the weather before the travel date. Don’t be afraid to cancel your trip if there are storms or natural disasters or outbreaks of disease. Remember your child’s safety comes first.

Partially when you get lost

Although you don’t want to, you should think about the case of your baby getting lost to prevent and minimize consequences. You should write your baby’s name, your couple’s name, home address, phone number, hotel address on a piece of paper and put it in your baby’s pocket.
For older children, you need to tell them to protect themselves by whoever they need to see if they cannot see their parents (police officers, security staff at the pier, car, airport …) to find them. . Children need to memorize your phone number and address of the hotel.
Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Children

Baby food

If your baby is still breastfeeding, you need to bring enough milk for the days out, bottle washing water, hot water to make milk when traveling on the train or car.
If your baby reaches the age of weaning, you should bring cups, spoons, cups, snacks, instant porridge, yogurt for your baby … to avoid being unable to buy baby food in the tourist area.