Three Minutes of Yoga for Hangovers

Three Minutes of Yoga for Hangovers


The joys of a nightcap are often dampened by a pounding headache the morning after. When I used to drink more regularly, I was a huge proponent of exercise as the cure to a hangover. A quick (and painful) 5k run was my medicine for whatever ailed me: my mantra was to sweat hard and pound two liters of water to fill myself back up.

Back in my early 20’s, this worked alright, but these days I’m slightly less extreme.

As I’ve spent most of the past year being pregnant, giving birth or caring for an infant, its not surprise that my alcohol intake has been pretty low. I was pretty excited just to get back to being able to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

However, after nearly a year of not drinking, my tolerance has gone from not that great to basically zero.

The other day, Sophia and I spent an excellent evening planning out new retreats for the launch of our new company RoamTravels, as well as chatting details for our upcoming trip so Central America. Enter, an unknown quantity of wine (in reality, probably a glass and a half), and low and behold I woke up with a monster hangover.

Thank goodness for digging out old yoga videos. Sometime in the past I was smart enough to put together a three minute yoga sequence to combat hangovers. For those of us who aren’t quite as extreme at my 20 year-old self, three minutes of yoga seems way more accessible than a 5k run in the morning. However, I argue that at least for my mom hangover, it’s been incredibly effective (I played it twice).

Give it a go and let me know what you think!