Three Minutes of Yoga to Start Your Day

Three Minutes of Yoga to Start Your Day

Self care is the word of the week. I’ve been “working hard” to recover from pregnancy and fourteen hours of natural labour, all while experience joys of having an infant and thus never sleeping. Step one has been trying to get back to my yoga practice. At about seven months pregnant I found that even as a lifelong yogi, I had to stop doing yoga as it was creating more pain that relieving. Unlike many pregnant woman who find yoga helps them ease pregnancy pains, my flexible joints were made over flexible by high levels of the pregnancy hormone, relaxin. This created enough discomfort for me that I eventually had to give up my physical practice all together.

Now I’m 10 days post labour and working on getting back on the mat. We just received our amazing new mats from B-Mats and I couldn’t be more excited to try them out. The key to starting from zero I figure is the same as if I was a total beginner. Start small. Move easily. Keep it simple. And definitely don’t try to overdo it.

Luckily, to help out, I uncovered an amazing sequence of three minute yoga practices that we had made back in the Yoga Body Travel days. Three minutes of yoga is the perfect amount of yoga for anyone who is just starting (or restarting) a yoga practice. Anyone can find three minutes to put aside for a morning yoga sequence. So here it is – the first of many three minute yoga sequences. Yoga to Wake Up to: A Three Minute Morning Yoga Sequence.

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October 27, 2017