What Should I Do If My Milk Supply Is Low?

Giving birth to a child and taking care of them is not a simple task. Breastfeeding is a gift for moms that improves the immunity power of the child. So if we have a low milk supply we must not neglect it we should see the alternative for it because feeding is very important for the growth of children. The best alternative for sure will be the best breast pump for low milk supply.

Why is breastfeeding a must?

Breastfeeding is just because of the below-mentioned points:

Breast milk comprises essential vitamins and nutrients for the baby.

It provides antibodies to protect our baby against infection and childhood diseases.

Breastfeeding is very important for the growth of our children. Hence it is a must to provide milk at least for three years to the child.

Breastfeeding will improve the immune power of our child.

Helps to protect against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Enhance intelligence and mental development.

Breastfeeding will decrease the risk of obesity in children.

Benefits of breastfeeding for mother

Promotes excellent mother-baby bonding.

Reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

Lose weight and return to pre-pregnancy figure faster.

What to do when milk is not sufficient?

When milk is low for the baby, we must take extra care of the baby. There are more options available for you. One among all will be the best breast pump for low milk supply. Breast pumps simplify breastfeeding while maintaining the baby’s nutrition. We’re not around, expressed breast milk will make sure the baby never goes hungry.

Breastfeeding experience of mother and they are well being, leaving a wonderful and memorable experience for mom and baby. While feeding a mother should be careful in her diet, mom should take healthy food and must avoid cold items that will affect the baby.

What Should I Do If My Milk Supply Is Low

How to choose the right breast pump?

Choosing a breast pump depends on the mother’s usage and needs. If it is for occasional use, a manual pump will serve the purpose. But if the mother goes for work, then it is advisable to consider an electric breast pump to be more convenient. One important factor to be taken care of is the phalanges or shields of the right fit for the nipples and position them correctly to avoid any discomfort or irritation. A good one is it shouldn’t create any pain while pumping.

Advantages of a breast pump

A pump will provide breast stimulation to increase and maintain a sufficient supply of milk.

Need to return to work will be helpful.

When mom expresses breast milk for later feeding, dad and older siblings can give feedings to help mom and bond with the new baby.

Mom to relax for some time.

Premature or sick infants cannot nurse properly. Here, especially the breast pump can be very helpful.

A mom can pump and store an emergency supply of breast milk in the freezer to use for feeding in case she becomes sick or needs to take medication.

Relieve pain from engorgement.

Induce lactation for an adopted baby.

A flat or inverted nipple breast pump will be very helpful to sort out the problem.

When stopped breastfeeding and would like to move.

When needed, we temporarily wean to our child.

Provide milk for children of multiple births.

Maintain our milk supply.

If the mother’s breasts are very full, pumping some milk out can make it easier for her baby to latch-on and nurse properly.

Can donate extra milk to a milk bank.

Tips to be taken care of while using a breast pump

The first and foremost tip is to be patient.

We should be very relaxed while using it. We should not rush to pump.

For premature baby special care must be taken.

Which time is right to pump.

Mother should be hygienic.

Mother must be comfortable while pumping. Discomfort and distractions can hamper the process.

Massaging the breasts before and during pumping and warming.

Taking advantage of milk flow.

To increase the breast pump suction gradually until it becomes slightly u comfortable and then turn it down a notch.

Tailoring the length of our pumping sessions.

Right size of the breast shield.

If the discomfort continues after we tried these tips, stop pumping and ask a lactation consultant or breast specialist for advice. We must be very careful while using the pump.

What Should I Do If My Milk Supply Is Low

Types of the breast pump

Manual breast pump.

Electric breast pump.

Portable pump with a rechargeable battery.

Willow wearable breast pump.

Symphony double electric breast pump.

Bulb-style pumps called bicycle horn pumps.

Used breast pumps.

How to keep the breast pump clean?

Foremost, we must wash our hands with soap.

Inspect and assemble properly. Clean pump dials.

Store milk safely.

Clean the pumping area.

Take apart breast pump tubing and separate all parts that come in contact with breast/breastmilk.

Rinse it properly.

Clean and place pump parts in a clean washbasin.

For extra removal of germs sanitize the pump parts.

Finally store items safely until needed.

Limitation of the breast pump

At the beginning stage, there will be a brief pain because of collagen fibers in the nipple stretch. We may have a slight tenderness of the nipples. Even sometimes uncomfortable sensations will come at the time of milk releases or letting down, which may feel like the tingling of pins and needles.

So it is advisable to go ahead with the electronic pump which will be very time helpful.


To conclude if we are planning to pump breast milk then we will need to decide which is the best breast pump that will work for us. Hope this article will be helpful to procure the best breast pump for low milk supply. With the right support, buying the best pump will be a good investment for your child. Enjoy feeding!